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Herakleitos (c 500 fvt): "De som talar med förstånd förlitar sig på det universella, som en stad måste lita till sin lag, och med än mer tillit. Ty alla mänskliga lagar närs av en gudomlig lag, och den har så mycket kraft som den önskar och är tillräcklig för alla och fler därutöver."

Chu Hsi (Zhu Xi), idealistisk filosof, 1100-talet: "Ödet, det är vad som återstår sedan människan gjort sitt yttersta."

Konfucius, kinesisk samhällsfilosof, 500-talet fvt: "Den ädla människan sysselsätter sig med tankar om dygd, den ringa människan sysselsätter sig med tankar om sin egen vinning."
"The soul is sold not to the devil for money, but to money itself when it becomes the measure of worth rather than the affirmation of value." /James Hillman - Alchemical Psychology (2010, s.143)

Västerlandets store logiker & mystiker Platon
ventilerade ofta orfisk-indiska tankegångar om reinkarnationen och själens rörelse mellan världarna... "Sokrates: Vem än som anländer oinvigd och ofullbordad i Helvetet kommer att ligga i leran. Men de renade och fullbordade kommer att vistas med gudarna." (Faidon, 69c)

"Eftersom vår identitet med den gudomliga kraften ytterst är obestridlig, (låt oss ha) en fast tro att vi genom att framhärda i vårt utmönstrande oss efter gudens form, tal och stämning, våra handlingar i tiden blir signifikanta och gudens essens slutligen förverkligas av oss."
(Günther - Buddhist Philosophy in Theory and Practice)

söndag 16 juli 2017

The Momentous Psychic and the Small-Minded Atheist Mudslinger

Once one has settled for the ancient sidereal zodiac the pieces of the puzzle falls into place. The exceptionally clairvoyant young man Tyler Henry is as good a case in point as any. He also has the good sense of staying clear of the Wikipedia entry on him, which is filled with negative comments from parasitic skeptics trying to make a name for themselves by bashing the main character, rehashing the same tired accusations about this phenomenon: Henry is a cynic person making cold readings, even being a “grief vampire.”

It is not worth the effort to talk back to individuals more enamored by their own mental unsoundness than interested in observing the phenomenon with their own eyes. From Wikipedia’s entry one even gets the impression some of the skeptics have only seen trailers of the show! A very skeptical person once pointed out to me that entertainment of this kind is skillfully edited (for pace and dramatic effect) and that the viewer never really can know whether the celebrity client’s facial expression belongs to a certain utterance from the psychic. In other world, these paranoid skeptics believe the production is a sham from beginning to end, quite in contrast with the psychics own statements. And how the production team manages to elicit the explosive reactions of some very materialistic and none too intelligent celebrities is beyond me. There is an inner coherence in this show if you only turn on your inner capacity for truth: these responses to the things Tyler Henry reveal are not scripted, nor would some of the non-film making celebrities be capable of acting so convincingly startled and even chocked by the information coming through this psychically gifted young man.

This writer himself visited a psychic at twenty (way back in 1980) and that was the most peculiar and unaccountable experience so far in his life!  Some years later a member of his family visited a sought-after Swedish psychic who only asked for a written name one a piece of paper to hold in order to “get in the mood”. With no other background information the psychic then proceeded to correctly detail the client’s family situation, being one of a family with four children. For some reason the psychic immediately zoomed in on “the eldest brother” (this writer) and to my sibling’s annoyance spent a good deal of the session painting a picture of his whereabouts at the time and tying his former life as “something similar to a mayor” in a small Egyptian town along the Nile river to the current lifetime. By the weirdest of coincidences I had begun buying academic literature on Egypt only a few months earlier, struck by the thought that I really had to take that beginner’s course in Egyptology at University” (I had pushed it forward several times already). My already blooming interest in astrology got a mention too; this “mayor” was in charge of the citizens’ safety and regularly went up to his roof top in order to “study the stars.” This was, said the psychic, “shortly before the Persians arrived”, which would seem to put this presumed earlier life in the 6th century B.C.

After making a chart according to the sidereal zodiac (using the Lahiri ayanamsha, the official Indian corrective to the error introduced by the continuous backward movement of the heavenly zodiac due to earth’s slow wobbling on its axis), I stared at a truly unique and blessed moment in time. I decided to compare this chart with those in the wolf pack hell-bent on destroying his reputation. Let it at this point be known that it is the fear of death or dying (sometimes bordering on sheer terror) that causes a human being to debase itself the way Tyler Henry’s detractors do. These skeptics are stuck in some form of double denial; they cannot handle their own impending death and in consequence lambast any person showing more courage or openness than they can muster. Being a silly materialist of course is another expression of the same psychological disturbance. Every intelligent person knows our world consists of a crude part, amenable to inspection by the senses, and a finer and unseen part, which some call the world of spirit.
It’s telling that the first of listed skeptics that keeps his date of birth outside the public sphere happens to be a physician and atheist involved in a multitude of scandal. Read more about the “sociopath doctor” David Gorski.

One of his many problems appears to be a close connection to Big Pharma, never a good sign since we know the world of chemicals belongs to the domain of Satan, ruler of the Earth element. (Etymologically Saturn and Saturn may be unrelated but astrology’s “lower Saturn,” the principle of matter, does remind one of the (evil) “ruler of this world” mentioned in the New Testament and also figuring as the Archont (approx: “one of old,” that is the old Devil) in the Gnostic Nag Hammadi Scriptures…

It speaks volumes about the limited intelligence among skeptics that Gorski remains in this Wikipedia entry since it reflects badly on them!
Several journalists who have joined the bashers miss out on easily gathered birth data, so I’ll restrict myself to the four stupidos who in their ignorance never could guess what the sidereal zodiac and a chart even only made for the day in question can reveal about their true dispositions! 

This gang of four are:

Susan Gerbic, August 8, 1962, a behavioral scientist. Apropos the British physician Arthur Guirdham (himself psychically gifted) and his theory that mental illness may be triggered by a sensitive person in denial of his gifts, Wikipedia explains that Gerbic’s interest in the paranormal started in childhood when the phenomena of spontaneous human combustion scared the hell out of her. See, fear branded her and blocked her true capacity for intelligence already at an early age!

Sharon Hill, August 23, 1963, a geologist. Of all the people weighing in on the possibility of a spirit level a Geologist must surely be the crudest voice of them all! With Sheldon Cooper one can only poke fun with this sad clientele, so far behind humanity at large!

Steven Novella, a neurologist and born on July 29, 1964. The constricted mentality caused by this very profession is easy to understand. After so many years in school learning all about the firing of neurons will reduce any good person to an utterly materialistic viewpoint.

Mark Edward, May 19, 1951. A former magician and con-man (fake psychic – of course this sort exists, and deplorably in large numbers). Edward came out of the closet and is now a full-blown skeptic and Atheist. An Atheist is a Satan worshipper, a worshipper of Nihil and the emptiness of this world. Interestingly, this is also the point spiritual people like to make but with the addition that the real world hides just beneath “every grain of sand” as its Platonic Form – the venerable Greek Philosopher held the Forms in “Heaven” if one so wish to speak, as being living entities so by “form” one should not be mislead into thinking about lifeless geometrical shapes, although the living Forms do express themselves through number among other things.

It gives me certain pleasure to briefly comment on these four horoscopes, using the Moon as a psychic ascendant (lacking exact birth data for all of them) and thereafter show how the young clairvoyant Tyler Henry flies rings above them, born with a chart belonging to an altogether higher order of being. As it turns out this good person comes with a know birth time so we’ll don’t have to make do with only a  “mind ascendant” but with the actual rising sign, carrying information about the person as the physical vehicle for the indwelling soul and its reflective mind (Sun and Moon, respectively).

Henry is openly gay, so one must expect some problems in the chart reflecting what is probably a sex change between this soul’s previous life on earth and his brand new – and male - Tylerbody. His psychic sensitivity is so great that he picks up the residues of this own former psyche and its remembrances of a life of a woman and a woman’s way to desire the male. Buddhism is more forgiving regarding these blemishes of the soul than Christianity who banned reincarnation already during the early medieval era. For if souls eventually sort everything out by trying and trying again, of what use would Christianity’s remedy be? Power seeking politicians are a filthy bunch in whatever way they dress up!


Gerbic, the woman who feared spontaneously catching fire as a child, has an interesting chart. This is clearly an intellect blessed by the Persian royal star Regulus. Interestingly, Mercury is in Fire sign Leo. So then why this fear of catching fire? Note the fear engendered by Leo’s ruler sunk in to the fearsome and protective sign of Cancer. This is like the Sun-soul having fallen out of the sky deep into benighted Nature’s bosom, the region in which only impermanence and eventual death is assured. The protectionist Cancer (sign of Home Land Security) causes endless problems in the Sibly chart of the United States of America (when converted to the correct sidereal zodiac) and is part cause of the US’s lethal aggressiveness towards other countries and its abnormal fear of foreign countries, notably its perennial “commie scare.”

For all its potential intellectual sharpness this Mercury fails to uphold the spiritual capacity of the kingly Lion, Cancer reduces the chart and the thought patterns of its owner into a squeamish and bigoted whimp! Add to that the demonic north moon node – the Hindu demon Rahu in Cancer. This exaggerates the shirking and defensive moods immensely. This is Nature truly degrading the Sun, source of our original intelligence, carried into this world from up high.

At the opposite point Saturn’s normal capacity for realism diminished since it mixes with the decapitated demon’s or dragon’s tail, called Ketu in Hindu astrology. Add to that, that the Moon-mind in balanced Libra (the Scales) has become blocked due to its ruler or dispositor Venus is exiled in the 12th house of loss or exile. This pretty much amounts to an easily swayed and unbalanced mentality, especially as Moon in rational Air does not relate to a Sol in instinctual Water. These people live by fear but try to rationalize (Air) while reflecting in their Moon-mind. This is a very unfortunate combination of Sun and Moon. Naturally, not everyone can be born with both Lights enjoying synergy by operating in the same “dimension” (like Air to Air or even Earth to Earth). But among the four elements Air and Water has the potential to cause an untrustworthy and devious character…

The chart is simply too freaky to pass for a signature of a measured and objective person! If she only kept mum regarding the paranormal and stuck to the behavioral sciences, the horoscope omen looks a bit better, since this faltering connection between instinct and rationality is fairly typical of mankind at large. And one should note her well-meaning Jupiter in Aquarius, sign of humanity or any social grouping. With a people oriented Moon in friendly Libra and Jupiter in group related Aquarius and Sun in clannish and ethnic Cancer, this is a born social scientist. The problem is the immense fixation on “human only” – Air may not always extend into the spiritual world and our true existence as eternal, or next to eternal “thought-beings.” With middling charts and average people Air sticks close to Earth so we find less elevated thinking and people prone to only view the human family in social categories.

During almost 10 years with the sidereal zodiac - after preparing myself during 25 years with the sadly mistaken tropical (western) version - I discovered that the sun sign Libra is more prone to Atheism than any other sign, and this clearly shows that the desire for social harmony – living on merely the horizontal level – is such a strong disposition in this sign that Libra actually turn out to be a bit shallow as tradition holds. They entirely neglect that mankind also exists in the vertical dimension – we on earth and our forefathers that keep existing on a higher level. Western and entirely secular cultures have totally fallen into oblivion regarding this self-evident fact. I have had several encounters with both relatives and other loved ones during dreamtime and sometimes received verifiable information! Only very frightful persons would be so intimidated by the Reaper  or the Guardian at the Threshold that they fell in with the materialistic viewpoint of the western world during these, its last decades under the horrible capitalistic system enslaving the many for the pleasure of a perversely few number of super rich.

Unfortunately for our social scientist, Jupiter is an “efficient ill-doer” for Libra when occupying the first house (this according to Hindu astrology). Every move towards expansion (and expansive movement is what Jupiter is about) bring the Scales out of balance. I have noted several people with physical Libra ascendants born this year (1962) who turn almost mentally unbalanced when questions of spirituality are on the table. Technically Saturn is at home in its negative sign Capricorn (Earth) but it is damaged by the presence of Ketu reducing its stability. And a misbehaving Jupiter in Aquarius, no matter Jupiter being the Greater Benefactor in astrology, tends to an overemphasis on the social aspect to the exclusion of the spiritual dimension. “Living for the city” as soul singer Stevie Wonder once so graphically described it! This sub-set of people are severely restricted and attributes everything to people or social factors. From the noted chart configuration they appear to have been born spiritually dead! No using throwing them pearls…

Next up is the geologist Sharon Hill:

Who can be surprised this chart evinces a heavy-footed binding to that pertaining to the Earth element? And having Saturn, the principle of matter, very weakly placed in the sign of its fall (Aries) and furthermore dead in its thirtieth degree. (According to Hindu astrology, during its last six degrees in a positive sign planet it MRITA – dead - and conversely during its first six degrees in a negative sign.)

The utter feebleness of Saturn may count for much anyhow, since Aries is so ego-centered and subjective that the cold objectiveness of Saturn will not exhibit properly.  But if Saturn furthermore joins with the psyche (Moon) – and in this case it appears to – then we get a real nasty character trait: a childish desire to act the big authority, a true warning of an unwise dictator in the making! And in case of a Saturn/Moon conjunction spanning the extremely friction fraught border between Fire and Earth, the forgotten evil star Algol suddenly has a very weak combination to target with all the wrongheadedness of Satan’s Head as this star was called in a Jewish tradition (the roots of this demonic star probably lies in ancient Babylon and was taken over by the Jews during their Babylonian captivity).

Algol would pervert what little of sound capacity for order and demarcation Saturn still possessed and also the inner Moon-mind, the theater stage upon which our musings take place. No wonder this woman picked such a simplistic field of Endeavour as sorting minerals!

Now the Sun is blessed by the king maker Regulus (another major star during the Babylonian/Persian age), but just as in the previous chart this person is robbed of the planet’s virtues since decapitated Ketu diminishes the solar power. Anything coming under the moon’s south node suffers a repression and diminution (not entirely dissimilar from Saturn’s power to inhibit or constrict). In some people a string Ketu may even turn destructive. In my files, for a long time I only that two timed charts of people having tried to commit suicide and both had Ketu on their ascendants (Libra and Cancer). I interpret this as a wish to decapitate one’s ego or personality, self-loathing or self-destructiveness in short! 

But Ketu in other houses than the first house of ego may instead turn into an Avenger, one set to cut other people short. This woman appears to hate her own innermost soul! But she turns this outwards and try to cut the head off illustrious and kingly Leo people like Tyler Henry (we will shortly see how literally this plays out).

In addition, her third mental house has a sickly quality to it. The fallen Mars degrades the capacity for logic thinking, and if the Moon-mind is so badly damaged by Satan’s star as one may suspect, then we are here dealing with a true stone-age mentality! The Sun is of no use in this chart; it is effectively dominated by the orientation towards Earth & Water, a “stick in the mud” type of orientation with neither interest nor usually any capacity to pick up Life’s signals. She literally has taken her place at the rock bottom of the Great Chain of Being.

The neurologist Novella exhibits a perfect synergy between Sun and Moon! 

The psyche or mind is wide awake since Moon I Pisces has its reflective water heated by the ruler Jupiter being stationed in a Fire sign.) On the other hand, this mind is limited in its orientation due to Jupiter’s position in a static and smallish house: the 2nd ruling economy and the instinct toward possessing and owning stuff. 

This might reveal that he chose his profession because of status and the salary that goes with it. But Sun in Cancer, in spite of its sometimes bigoted nature and biologistic bent (elevating biology to a pseudo-religion), remains a source of good fortune in the fifth house which is also a house of leadership. We therefore see an image of the “good Doctor” living out his Hippocratic Oath only desiring to help nature in its functioning.

His inability to rise above said biologism is endemic in this profession; physicians in general are damaged goods. That such is the case may be gleaned from the sanguine and youthful, but sometimes VERY immature sign of Gemini, which here unfortunately houses the combination of Mars and Venus as a continuous battle between hate and love. Split asunder or join? Here the ambitious demon Rahu exaggerates the critical mind and I believe the chart reveals something of a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde duality, sometimes loving and easily accommodated only to suddenly turn sour and extremely damning!

When, while keeping this in mind one notes that Mercury, dispositor of the Gemini cluster, has fallen into the sixth house of enmity and accidents an altogether different side of the “good Doctor” appears and one senses an even evilish hatred to any claims about a spiritual dimension beyond the physical miniature world he chose to specialize in. This horoscope indicates another easily threatened disposition.

Why do skeptics all appear to lack balance? During eight years of blogging (in Swedish) I don’t remember even one decent chart belonging to an Atheist. Now Hindu astrology is tuned to a dark or low pitch – there are more planetary ill doers than benefics and more “evil” houses than good “dharma” houses. But this is merely an accurate depiction of the conditions in our world and does not explain everything. Scandal makers hardly ever turn out to have anything but very degraded birth charts. Be patient and daily notice the people that make the headlines for a number of years and you will see the same trend.

The good people are noticeably absent from the media since disasters sell better, and accordingly my chart collection (mostly without known birth times) has long since ceased to be representative of a population and more looks like a collection of the scum of the earth. The skeptics’ problem seems to be lack of sufficient intelligence to break out of the mainstream opinions held in their day and age. The horoscopes above are typical of this kind of person and I guess their unaddressed inner fears (due to conformity with a materialist worldview) most often explain this crusade against the paranormal.

We have almost reached clairvoyant Tyler Henry’s inspiring horoscope, but first the fourth and final skeptic.

Mark Edward, the fake psychic who outed himself and became a hardcore skeptic:

Here’s another psyche/mind oriented toward ”horizontal” human relations (Libra) rather than mingling with the supernatural beings one floor up – social scientist Gerbic had this Moon position too. Edward exhibits a nice synergy between the mind and its dispositor Venus in another Air (people) sign, Gemini. In addition this Gemini has its ruler Mercury in fiery and action oriented Aries. But this intellect attacks the Moon, making it lose its balance. This is a veritable hotspur!

If one thus isolates the strictly intellectual portion from the general people person shown by the Air to Air harmony and the general mind-set, things to not look very bright. I believe this Mercury shows his sleight of hand (having dealt in close-up magic like card tricks) – this is so very typical the dexterity of Mercury/Hermes as a thief in the market place. The Moon opposite Mercury then signifies the gullible audience (Moon always represents the faceless crowd).
But what’s so wrong with an enthusiastic Mercury opposing (and stimulating) a crowd or a mind?

As said, when isolating his strictly intellectual omens one must notice the owner of Mercury – Mars poorly placed in Taurus, in the hidden and evil eight house of corruption and death. And add to this another appearance of the corrupting Devil (the evil star Algol) who this time kills two birds with one stone, also damaging the soul (Sun) and spiritually derived intelligence of this former con-man.

It may be a coincidence, but this was the third out of four charts where Saturn, planet of honor and principle, is let out of the action by being relegated to the 12th house of exile and worldly loss! Perhaps skeptics are a bunch of immoral assholes disrespectful of reality (Saturn is extremely dry and realistic!) when reality itself doesn’t behave as they think it should. These then become utter scientific failures, not in the least honoring the openness which always is the prerequisite to new discoveries.

This former con-man is also the second out of four cases with the planet of spirituality, Jupiter, in the sixth house of enmity/hostility and accidents. It is useless to talk statistic significance with only a few charts, but I’ll just point it out. I have a house 6-Jupiter myself and during childhood and teens hated Christianity (due to relatives’ involvement in church activities which I found so boring.) Then the intellect matured and philosophy entered, revealing that religion is just another expression of what the ancients termed the higher or Rational Soul…

To sum up:

Curiously the geologist turned out to be trapped in the element Earth while the three others exhibit the general problem of being creatures of natural instinct (Water) which at the same time trying to reason intellectually (Air). This elemental combination can (but need not) produce a dishonest type, prone to unnecessary lying even in trifling matters. Especially the sign Cancer has a tendency to cowardliness and back-stabbing, it thrives on gossip in its lower manifestations and then truly represents the faceless masses, the populace.

The appearance of Cancer in the mudslinging directed to Tyler Henry - thrice at that! – is not surprising. This is the sign of the Moon, sign of PSYCHE, and has a clear connection to the need for distractions and entertainment among the untalented.  Cancer is what populates the sports arena and waves the lighters in front of the stage where the pop band sings a romantic ballad… Cancer is closed-up and fearsome but in a group easily turns into the mob rule its opposite, power oriented and rather square Capricorn so detests. 


Finally the chart of Tyler Henry, the object of all this trash talk in the unclean and amp mix of air and water closest to the physical earth, a space infested with demons and the undead according to ancient cosmology. Naturally we find Henry far above his detractors, these undead who obviously sense they too belong in this fallen part of the universe but deny it.

Whatever problems Henry may wrestle with (regarding past life carry-over of sexual orientation), at least he steers clear of the disturbances in the Vegetative Soul. Not a single placement in Water “dries him out” and makes him a purer soul than his opponents. (Remember the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus: “Water is death to a soul”?)

The psychic is not done with Earth, though, as seen by the extremely energetic intellect in the sixth house. (Do note we are now referring to the actual houses/departments since Henry's birth time is known.) Above this house was referred to as a domain of enmity and accidents, but as the first house following upon sunset makes it a perfect candidate for “life in limbo” or the interim souls spend still close to our world (before going into the proverbial light out of which they eventually will reincarnate). Having his vitalized messaging capacities in this house actually fits his world eminently well.

For those schooled in western astrology or not yet having learned to think freely and therefore remain fixated on the eight house of death as the place of potential psychic gifts, look at this: Henry’s eight house is owned by the Great Benefic and Jupiter is of course also the significator of religion and philosophy. A lot of Henrys’ work consists of the kind heart enabling grief-stricken families to get over the fact that death (house 8) is a reality but find comfort in the fact that life really goes on (on the other side).

But this combination of well-meaning (Jupiter) and death (h8) is only the beginning. The owner of the supposedly psychic eight is located in the fifth house of good karma (Sanskrit: purva punya), in his clairvoyant positively polarized Fire signs Sagittarius AND together with the spiritual soul’s – the Sun - unlimited visual capability! These are incredible omens and what else to say, than that Henry appears to be born with the good karma of being able to see in the eight house darkness and perceiving the “dead” as clearly as you and me?

Those soundly under the Devil’s sway will remain uncomprehending of what the sidereal zodiac did just disclose. But for the rest, now see how this epic spiritual indication connects to the physical body of Tyler Henry, this God’s tool in his work. The “kingmaker” Regulus has placed itself at the eastern horizon and blesses this newborn body and first and fifth house are therefore linked since Leo in the east is ruled by Sun in the fifth of good karma from previous lives, with the All Father Zeus/Jupiter as both a natural and also efficient benefic and also a bhava karaka (house significator) for the fifth. 

I have never during my 37 years dealing with astrology seen such at perfect confluence of omens pointing to the truth of a spiritual world superseding that of the murky physical world!

Opposed to the poor bastards whose AIR remains on the more easily grasped social level, Henry possesses PURE AIR far above those damp regions where demons and infested atheists dwell. This clairvoyant’s visionary Fire of highest caliber SEES beings made out of the spiritual subtle Air bodies. This chart is a fantastic confirmation of my many blogposts (in Swedish) regarding the common ancient idea that the real humanity resides in a higher dimension beyond that dead meat that stumbles around on earth in dreary work-centered lives. 

The dead are not dead and the living are not alive!  But for a person as clear-sighted as Tyler Henry, the border between them seems eerily thin if not altogether dissolved. If or when one realizes that astrology can point out noble and base souls (or at least noble and baser life journeys) it also becomes obvious that he functions as a middle man or a messenger between the relatives and those passed on. These sessions take place in people’s homes, with family present and he has Moon in the third house of messages and communications. He literally is a Mercurial angel but presently obviously not using more than a fraction of his true capacities.

The spirit world is summarized by the essential Air planet Saturn at home in its positively polarized rulership Aquarius and in its strongest worldly position in the west – the point of the entry into the world of the dead (symbolized by the atman’s/soul’s daily setting). Before being discovered and introduced to show business the young Henry wanted to work with the terminally ill, he appears to have felt this was his calling. After having been privileged to take part of his true (sidereal) horoscope one must be grateful that he was discovered and made a star. His work helping celebrities get over sorrow gives him the opportunity not just to convince the dying of the continuance but millions of viewers. Anything less would have been a terrible waste of his peculiar talent and totally against his fantastic fifth house of previous good deeds ripe for cashing in on in this life!

But, as the saying goes, the brighter the soul shines, the more it attracts the devilish workers of darkness. Tyler Henry’s entry on Wikipedia as of this writing (July 16, 2017 11:19) goes a long way to prove it. The mob of skeptic having produced that filth has really prepared themselves from banishment from the human kind. However, ancient cosmology teaches there are plenty of hellish regions prepared for those who really don’t want to belong to humanity. One must be careful with what one wishes for.

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